Sunday, January 24, 2010

HCB Chocolate Tweed Angel Food Cake

The thing that I am learning while taking the journey of cake, is that I am really a lazy baker. I would like mouthwatering, mind blowing results with no time or energy! So I giggled when I found myself measuring my tube pan!! I will have you know it is a perfect 16 cup capacity tube.

The wonder of eggs and their ability to fluff!! This part was mesmerizing and a bit scary-I was doubting my Bosch's ability to handle the expanding ingredients. Never fear in the end there was no need for worry.

Making my sides smooth and beautiful. This batter was the most wonderfully smelling. I found myself whispering and treading softly in the house while it was baking and telling my husband of the memories of my Nana, who would bake angel food cake. We could not talk or slam doors while the cake was baking! I did search for Wondra cake flour but Swans Down is all I could find.

This proved to be a fun challenge. I took the directions of "immediately" to heart and had trouble flipping without burning myself. What a delightful upside down mystery this provided when the kids came home from school.
Chocolate throwing has never been more fun, as my girls and I pelted the cake. I did have difficulty splitting the cake for the interior layers of frosting. In fact, I didn't do two layers inside. I did one and that turned out to be a mistake. The cake was tasty but over the top mouth watering with the frosting. Having the layers made it wonderful-so the lack of one layer was too much cake without frosting. The perfect balance of cake and frosting, sweet and texture.
Everyone loved it! I am hording the last piece for a late night snack.
The recipe for this one was posted on NPR!!! Check it out-for the others buy this book! It is great.


Joel said...

In all fairness to the virtual world at large I must comment on this cake because I am a fair representative of the INSIDE SCOOP! Let's talk cake. Most of the general populace gets their cake-fix from a box or a diner. The stereotype is thick, rich and usually over-the-top sweet. Aaaah! What a refreshing break from tradition! This cake is like biting into a chocolate chip cloud. Lacking the usual super-sweetness does not diminish this recipe in any way! My tasting experience here was further enhanced by the small unobtrusive size of the chocolate chips. All aboard for a the new texture tour, welcome what you never knew (or perhaps knew but forgot) that cake could be! Bottom line is that this is a must-try for all bakers and cake enthusiasts alike! Needless to say I highly recommend it! And now, of course, a word has to go towards the actual artisan: excellent execution Toni, you remain the quintessential craftsman that ever you were.

Nicola said...

Your cake looks great - and excellent to know that you really do need to cut it to the three layers.

Love that glowing comment from Joel! You need to keep him around.

Virginia Taylors said...

Nicola, I am never going to let Joel go! He is brilliant. I loved your cupcakes-spectacular. And laughed at your freezer picture-looks just like mine!

HanaĆ¢ said...

Your cake turned out beautiful. Glad everybody liked it. Hopefully I get a chance to make it by the end of this week (for a dinner party on Sat).

Virginia Taylors said...

I hope you make this one for your party!! It is a heart swooner. Good luck, my new friend.

Jen said...

I finally got around to checking out the blog, wow! That cake looks great. Do all angel food cakes get hung upside down on a bottle? I've never heard of that before, I'm obviously not a baker. Remind me again where you got your oven thermometer, my oven is cooking too cold. I discovered this at Thanksgiving when it took twice as long to bake the pumpkin pies. Isn't life FUN?!