Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pistachio Chicken Pick Me Up

First things first: the recipe. I have added to my pantry the following items because of this recipe-it better be good! Black bean sauce, Thai red chile paste, chili garlic sauce, and Grapeseed oil. The recipe is on line just see Oprah
I suggest purchasing the cookbook, Back to the Family by Art Smith It has two amazing pancake recipes in it!!
Brine for chicken...interesting. Overnight in the fridge.

Then we dredge and dunk and crust. Over to the stove to fry then bake. All the while making the wonderful sauce. I thought the red chili paste would be too hot...because of the little flame picture on the bottle warning this food is HOT! So I only added half of it. Wimpy, I know.

I wanted to pamper my girl friend (and husband) with a fancy meal and served the chicken with arroz verde and Martha's roasted broccoli. The reviews: Too Salty!! Wow, taste that brine! and This is yummy. It was yummy if you could get past the salt.

So, this is my reminder to myself:
  • Don't brine just soak in buttermilk
  • Have the Grapeseed oil very hot before frying
  • Enjoy, because the sauce and crust is YUMMY!

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Amber Walker said...

It looks beautiful plated.