Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Earthquake Cake VS. Hershesy's Cake

My question today was: Could three cake items really make that big of a difference?? Real vanilla bean, Lyle's Golden Syrup, and cake strips?
Cake Strips: Hands down a wonder in the kitchen! Now, I did make mine but what a huge difference in my final baked product, evenly cooked no cracks or domes. Wonderful. If my mom reads this-great gift idea.

I made my favorite frosting with real vanilla bean-ouch, watch the wallet and Lyle's Golden Syrup-which is not carried anywhere except a little store 30 minutes away. I usually make the frosting with vanilla extract and corn syrup.
Real Vanilla Bean: Could not tell a difference. For the price of vanilla bean, I think I would save it for a custard or brulee.
Lyle's Golden Syrup: Again, could not tell a difference. I like the widely available Karo.

The Earthquake cake come from a fantastic cookbook called Pastry Queen Christmas. I love many of the recipes but the chocolate frosting is my favorite.

So taste testers....
JT: This isn't Earthquake cake! What did you do?
MT: I like the Hershey's.
ST: I like the Earthquake
AT: Both cakes are surprisingly similar and very moist.
TT: Yes, I really don't care for cake, wish I would have remembered to take off the parchment rounds!! Yuck. Biting into baking soda or paper, which is worse?
Happy Groundhog Day!!!

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ButterYum said...

I can honestly say, I've never heard of an earthquake cake. I LOVE LYLE'S GOLDEN SYRUP!!!! It's delicate caramel-like flavor shines in recipe that don't call for such strong flavors (like a chocolate frosting). Same goes for vanilla beans - you're thinking is on the right track when you mention custard and brulee.

Welcome to the wonderful world of insulated baking strips! I wouldn't bake a butter cake without them!

Wow, you've had a busy day in the kitchen!