Monday, February 8, 2010

HCB True Orange Genoise

The Batter
Clarified butter...I did this step and wondered the whole time, "How different is this from melted butter?"
I used a combo of cake flour and cornstarch for the Wondra flour. I was nervous after reading..fragile cake could fall. In fact, I was nervous until it came out of the pan.

Heating until lukewarm. Because I use a Bosche, I had to make this a two step process.

Beating until thick and airy and oh sooo beautiful.

Sifting and folding in flour.

It hasn't fallen yet!!! Immediately removing from pan and cooling completely.

Orange Curd
There were so many wonderful descriptions on how to do this that I missed one of the first ones- still liquid enough to pour.

My sous chef working hard by my side...peanut butter cookies with white chocolate and mini chocolate chips.

Pushing my curd through the strainer. This was the most wonderfully smelling process even if I did have to use regular oranges and not Seville.

Dark Ganache
I noticed that the chocolate I had was 70% and not 60% so I ended up using Baker's chocolate.

Beautiful!!! Oops, I forgot the Triple Sec. It was great without it.

Compose the Cake
I thought the cake was eggy and stinky. I am not really a fan of egg and was worried it was going to taste like an omelet.

Bottom layer, brushed with syrup and topped with curd.

I brushed the syrup over the cake wondering-soggy cake? This cake is like a sponge..I used the bottom of my springform pan to hold the delicate cake.

I thought it would be fun to use my zester again!! I love my zester.

Review: My husband said it was the best cake he has ever eaten. I am eating it for lunch today! (and remember-I don't like cake). The two day process was worth the effort and wait.


evil cake lady said...

very pretty! i like the zest decorations.

next time try the beurre noisette: I forgot to mention how incredibly delicious it was, and how it almost ended up on my toast and not in the cake!

Rachel B said...

Great work with the orange peel curls.

Mendy said...


Looks great!

For my first cake I cooked the curd until it was like tangy taffy. I had to pull it with my hands to cover the cake! (The second curd I made came out much better.)

breadbasketcase said...

More praise for the orange peel decorations--very simple, classy, and pretty!

Jenn said...

I love your zest decoration! Very pretty!

Virginia Taylors said...

ECL- I will try the beurre noisette next time for sure.

Rachel, Jenn and Breadbasketcase-thank you for your compliments! You made my day.

Mendy- I have a soft spot for tangy taffy!! My curd was not pourable but wow was it ever good.

faithy, the baker said...

Love how you decorated the cake with zest! Pretty!

Hanaâ said...

Glad it was such a big hit!! Love your orange zest decoration! Great job!

Nancy B said...

I just have to join in the chorus of praise for your lovely orange peel curls--what a great idea.

I did try the buerre noisette, but my taste buds couldn't distinguish it among the strong orange syrup and curd (and the chocolate). Sure smelled lovely by itself, though!

Lisa said...

I'll chime in with the love for the orange zest decoration! Super cute. I totally shared your nerves about the cake falling. It was nerve racking!!

Nicola said...

Such pretty decoration. And I love that spotty plate!

Great height in your cake too.

So glad that everyone liked it so much. Definitely makes it worth the effort when the accolades flood in!