Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HCB-Whipped Cream and Tres Leches Cakes

What a perfect way to spend time with the kids on snow days! Baking yummies. The Heavenly Cake Bakers are well ahead of me and I thought, not wanting to miss out on anything, I would play catch up and make some of the cakes I have missed. We start with the whipped cream cake. Supposedly easy and wonderful. My assistants and I did not find that so.

We all worked very hard on the Whipped Cream Cake.

Even, Oatmeal, the unknown animal friend..was looking forward to a piece of heaven.

Bummer!!! Amid disappointment in the final product we laughed. All of us.

Tres Leches
The first problem I had was my mistake in making sure I had the correct pan size. It wasn't until I was pouring in the batter that I saw the 9x 1 1/2 mark on the edge and my heart flip flopped. OH NO! So I ran for the parchment to make the correct pan size. My cake did not dome in fact it sunk. That is okay, I will turn it upside down and no one will notice! Great idea...

Not so great. All the milk pooled in that space and therefore did not soak. Actually, it did soak-my favorite pink fuzzy slippers!!

Well, get whipped cream on the top and it'll be great. The topping would not get stiff and was runny. Total flop. The cake was a really weird texture and instead of being a wonderful texture with milk it just tasty soggy. It made a quick trip to the rubbish bin to meet a new friend, the Whipped Cream Cake.


ButterYum said...

Oh no... both cakes??? What a bummer. Poor little Oatmeal - I can tell he wanted to sample some yummy cake!

Your girls are adorable - I bet they had a blast with mom in the kitchen.

May I ask why you didn't like the whipped cream cake?


Virginia Taylors said...

We all agreed that we would give it a go even if it was the time it cooled it was dry! My fault for not covering it sooner. I also love flavor-lots of flavor and found it to be bland. Perhaps it would be great with a fruit compote? Some days you should just not be in the kitchen. Luckily, my girls and I did have a blast.

evil cake lady said...

what a bummer--both cakes a bust! good thing you all kept your sense of humor.

Vicki said...

I'm of the new opinion that failed cakes should be instantly tranformed into trifles!

HanaĆ¢ said...

Oh boy! Both cakes? I really really liked the whipped cream cake. Definitely give it another go sometime. If you like heavy flavored things, I'd recommend you add lots of zest to it or some spices like ground cardamom (I'm planning on trying both options sometime, just not together in one cake) :o) Glad you had a blast with ur kiddies though :o)

Mary said...

Virginia, when you have a streak like this - and we all do - it helps to remember the words of Miss Scarlet, "Tomorrow is another day."
You sou chef is darling. I'll be back often to visit. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Jenn said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear that both cakes didn't turn out. I haven't tried the whipped cream cake. We loved the Tres Leches though. I love the picture of you and your girls - they are adorable. And yes, there's nothing better to do on snow day than baking!

MaKDee said...

Ok so both cakes died. Looks like you had too much fun! I love the masthead on your blog. I you guys are the yummiest and most creative.
Aunt Dawn

Virginia Taylors said...

Dawn! You are the best and I LOVE your profile cake. I want to make one of those. Did you use fondant?