Friday, February 5, 2010

More Snow!!

Have you ever wondered about the possibilities of a cookie sheet?

I have often considered what other uses it might have. After removing the Silpat and having a healthy breakfast of baked oatmeal with cherries (JT had grits) we took the pans out for a spin in the snow.

The SPEED!! Amazing and better than any sled.
The downfall-it always crashes and dumps you out at the bottom-which means
The Real American Breakfast is one of my favorite breakfast cookbooks. Run to your library and check it out.
Confession, I had wanted to make a cake or two today..but with so much snow calling to us. The kitchen remained deserted and not desserted. (Is that too corny?)


ButterYum said...

hahahah - hide this post from my hubby. He's been looking for a sled for weeks.


Mendy said...


What a fun blog. :)

Virginia Taylors said...

What a great compliment. I think the same of yours and really admire anyone who can take on the art of bread making.

Stay warm in all your snow.

Joel said...

Every time I came into the kitchen I was greeted by a different delectable scent that would serve only to increase my sense of anticipation. During the orange curd cooking phase I was caught completely off guard and sent reeling into super-tasting-ecstacy. From the fist bite this was a cake like no other. I tried to tell Toni how extraordinary it was. She countered "but that part is so dry", I responded "who cares!" I don't consider myself a cake person by nature, but let me just tell you that from now on when I dream of cake, I will dream only of the true orange genoise!

Sonya said...

Oh my I never thought to use a cookie sheet like that! LOL I'm so envious of your cookbook! it's such a pain getting them sent over here..