Saturday, February 6, 2010

What you can do with a brick

My girlfriend gave me a new cookbook and I found a funny recipe that uses a brick.
  • Who has a brick laying around?
  • Where are you going to keep those bricks when you aren't using them?
Well, when I was shoveling the 12 inches of snow off our sidewalks, I just happened to find a brick. And I just happened to have a chicken...some olive oil and spices.
After smashing the chicken flat-which was a tad to up close and personal for me, I put everything in a Ziplock bag overnight.

Then I cooked it under the brick in my cast iron pan until it was half done. Finished it in the oven...with the roasted veggies and brussels inspired by One Perfect Bite blogspot.

Now, you know what you can do if you happen upon a lost brick or two.


ButterYum said...

How fun - I bet the kids got a kick out of that one.

I believe the queen, julia child, used to make chicken this way. I think Natalie Dupree as well. A heavy cast iron pan with a few cans in it will work in place of a brick as well.


faithy, the baker said...

Really? Cooking with a brick? Interesting concept, i never knew until now! Thanks for sharing! Hmm..i wonder if the construction site next to my office building has extra bricks for me to take home since i doubt i can find any shops selling bricks where i am not even diy!

Coiner Family said...

This was fun! How did I miss this?