Friday, March 12, 2010

150 Best- Green Beans

Question of the day: Can this make canned green beans edible?

It is our family tradition to store a years supply of food. This is following wise council of our church leaders. In my excitement, I purchased cases of green beans-at the best sale price!! Only to discover that none of us really care for green beans. So what am I to do with these veggies? I do not want to waste and yet I do not want to store something we will not eat...make room for artichoke hearts, I say.
So, I begin a quest of sorts to find ways to use them-and no shepard's pie is not the answer! Luckily, in cooking our (Sarah, Amber and I) way through 150 Best American Recipes, I discovered a recipe for roasted green beans. Now, the recipe did call for a pound of fresh BUT......I followed everything else exactly! Well, almost. And since I changed the recipe and added things I feel safe about including details but not the specific that cheating? Everyone should buy this cookbook. It is that good.

I drained 2 cans of green beans and set them out to dry on a cookie sheet. I then seasoned with salt and pepper and fresh garlic. I roasted them for 20ish minutes. When they came out I gently mixed with fresh squeezed lemon juice, 3 anchovies, lemon zest, and fresh Parmesan cheese. It was wonderful! Now, I will say that I did dry heave when opening the bottle of fish-I HATE fish. and that next time I will only use one slimy little thing. But the taste was great. Try this dish especially if you have green beans in your food storage.


Vicki said...

Brilliant! This sounds so good.
I wonder if capers would work substituting for the anchovies?
Difficult sometimes being a vegetarian to find an equivalent taste alternative.

Amber Walker said...

I will have to try! So proud you used the fish!