Sunday, March 14, 2010

Curious Cook Hollandaise Sauce

I have forever had a fear of Hollandaise! Char makes it all the time..and I have even been given the privilege of stirring it on occasion. The pressure of..don't let it curdle! Watch it carefully! Only one tablespoon of butter at at much pressure. I have never attempted to make it myself until I found that Harold McGee, author of a fascinating book called the Curious Cook, had debunked my myths surrounding Hollandaise sauce.
Put everything in-cold. And heat it. It was perfect and took no time at all. So, take your favorite recipe and have a go. It is wonderful. My only word of caution-it thickens quickly- use low heat and remove when it starts to thicken.
Especially over dilled eggs with a side of toast with fresh lemon curd.


Amber Walker said...

I've been nervous to try this kind sauce but I think I will try. Dilled eggs sounds great too

Vicki said...

This looks so delicious. Love eggs with dill. Harold McGee is coming to speak at a local university in April. A longtime friend made me sign up!
Will report back with notes.