Thursday, March 18, 2010

Family Fondue Tradition

Knowing that I loath fruits and veggies, I adore our fondue tradition. What a wonderful way to consume fruits!
Before moving to Virginia, we had a monthly date with our friend Kim to have fondue. The kids referred to her as "Aunt Kim" and looked forward to her visits because we always painted our lips with chocolate. She was that kind of fun. She really is the reason that JT and I met and got married!

We had a date to have fondue with friends this evening..first time in Virginia!!! I was so excited. Sadly, due to sickness-public education, curse you!! My daughter is sick and we had to cancel. What to do with all this FRUIT!! Well, we can't have it taking up space in my kitchen. Who knows, I may want to bake and there will not be room. This kitchen isn't big enough for the two of us (me or the fruit)!! So, for our evening meal we had an assortment of wonderful and healthy things...with fondue!

And I want you to know that I handled the disappointment of missing a fondue party like any woman would: I masked, watched Julie and Julia, and finished off the fondue!

Nutty Chocolate Fondue
 This recipe is wonderful.

1 Toblerone Chocolate Bar
2 oz Dark Chocolate
3 Tb heavy Cream

Heat cream and broken chocolate over low simmering water (Double boiler or Fondue pot). Stir until Chocolate has melted. Serve with bananas, red cherries, strawberries, or cookies.


Sandra said...

Ohhh....yummy. Sorry you had to cancel and about the sickness. We have that going around but I can't blame the school, he's in preschool and it's their Spring break. On the bright side you got to eat more :)

faithy, the baker said...

LOL! You are so funny! Your photo in facial mask made me laughed out so loudly! :) Well, at least you had your fondue! :D

Virginia Taylors said...

There is the old saying, you can laugh or cry about it..well I choose to eat! Faithy, you always say the perfect things to get a smile out of me :)

Amber Walker said...

I bet you're skin will be all nice and shiny at church.

Vicki said...

Ahh, nothing like a good mud mask! The first time I went to Napa and took a real live up to my ears mud bath I thought I would faint. Oozy, squishy, disgusting and Oh so glorious!

I've been thinking lately how much fondue would be with the grandchildren. So glad you posted about it.