Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Romance in a ramekin...I love Joel more than I do chocolate. Even after 10 years of bliss! I wonder if he feels the same..especially since he had to wait for his pudding until after a photo shoot. (:


Sinful Southern Sweets said...

LOL! Happy Anniversary! My husband and kids are always complaining because "Mommy has to take pictures of our food before we can eat it:)"

Sonya said...

Happy Anniversary!! yep my family needs to wait around while I tkae photos too..lol

Virginia Taylors said...

I am so glad someone else understands my hobby/obsession!

Mary said...

I'm sure he does, but isn't it the pits to have to photograph something you want to eat while it's still in its prime?

HanaĆ¢ said...

Happy anniversary! The pudding looks great and if memory serves me right, the font in that book you're holding open is one by Nancy Baggett :o) I haven't tried her recipe but my fav choc pudding recipe (so far) has been that of Abby Dodge in The Weekend Baker. Check it out: http://hanaaskitchen.blogspot.com/2009/03/stovetop-double-chocolate-pudding.html.

Monica said...

Love the composition of the photo! (you know i'm all about the photo).. and happy anniversary.. and hello, share the recipe...and don't worry, they understand about the "you need to wait until after the photo shoot

ButterYum said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I remember our 10th - we signed a contract or purchase our very first home and we spotted Prince and his entourage at the MN Airport - it was quite a memorable day.

PS - my hubby is getting use to waiting for my photo shoots before he can dig in. :)

Virginia Taylors said...

Yes I agree...the pits to wait. But sometimes it does create anticipation!!

You know your cookbooks! Yes, it is The All American Dessert Book by Nancy Baggett. I have added a link on my blog to your chocolate pudding recipe and plan on making it very soon! Thanks for the hint.

According to Hanaa, she has a better recipe. I will test it out for us and let you know!

Prince! WOW weren't those the days?

faithy, the baker said...

Happy Anniversary!! :)

Unlike Patricia, i can't remember how my 10th anniversary went..lol!..that's the problem with me, i'm so forgetful i can't even remember our 1st date! lol!..so my husband is always the one complaining i can't remember this and that..but i told him that the good part about me being forgetful is i can't remember history so i don't bring out 'history' when we have an argument. :)

faithy, the baker said...

Oh..i hit the post button too soon..and wanted to say

"yummy pudding! Got to make them one of these days..i love anything chocolate...:D"