Monday, March 1, 2010

HCB Lemon Poppyseed Cake

Evil Cake Lady suggested that I try weighing my ingredients instead of measuring. This is in hope that this cake will not be dry and crumbly. Cross your fingers.

I do so love lemon! And I am still having a love affair with my zester...don't tell Joel.

Wow, this sure looks like a lot of poppyseeds!!! One of my favorite sites is One Perfect Bite. Mary also has posted a poppyseed cake for Blue Monday. She suggests soaking the poppyseeds. I would like to try that one day.

Using mini bunt pans. After deciding that my experience with these cakes have been dry, I will add a fresh lemon curd (more zest!!!).

I do not own many kitchen gadgets that are single purpose tools-if you can't multitask then you do not belong in my little kitchen: BUT, this one I love. It juices and strains and pours!

Curd. My new found toast awaits you.

The glaze is what made the cake for me. So lemony and wonderful. Too many poppyseeds for my liking. And the curd was a must!!

Fresh lemon curd and white chocolate. I tried to make curls but they turned out more like sticks.

The cake---not dry but CRUMBLY!!!!! Now, the tally for cakes from HCB cookbook is:
1 favorite cake- Chocolate Tweed
4 Beautiful but dry/crumbly cakes (I added lemon poppyseed here)
2 good desserts
3 flops

My littlest sous chef expressed her dislike for anything lemon! She did like the white chocolate curls though.


Hanaâ said...

I think my boss will be stopping by pretty soon, ha ha! That looks very pretty! I loved this cake, definitely my favorite non-chocolate cake so far. I agree it is a bit crumbly and I think it has to do with the mixing method. One of these days I'll have to experiment with this one and try the "creaming" method instead of the two-stage method.

Nancy B said...

What a great idea to do mini-bundts and top with lemon curd. More lemon is almost always a good idea, in my book!

Vicki said...

Oh, these are adorable! Lemon curd and white chocolate? Brilliant!

Mendy said...


Lemon curd and white chocolate, what a great idea!

faithy, the baker said...

awesome idea to pair with lemon curd! Your little chef is so adorable!..

Mary said...

Thank you so much for the reference to my blog. I really appreciate it. I think your mini cakes are gorgeous, but those little girls are heart breakers. Blessings...Mary

ButterYum said...

Mary's blog IS wonderful! I visit it all the time.

Your mini cakes turned out great - love the photos. So glad you liked the cake with lemon curd. I served mine with lemon curd ice cream (need to find a use for all that yummy curd I made recently - there's only so many pieces of toast I can slather it on).

Anyway, great job!


Bungalow Barbara said...

I love your serving idea! Now I wish I'd made lemon curd. Sigh.

I do think Rose's butter cake recipes tend to be a bit on the tender/crumbly side, rather than the cohesive/springy side. That's just the way she likes them to be, I think. Weighing the flour really helps with her recipes. Otherwise it is easy to add too much and end up with a dry cake.

I have a couple more suggestions -- you could try mixing just a bit longer. I always have to do that anyway because I only have a hand mixer. With Rose's method there is very little danger of overmixing.

Second, you could try Hanaâ's idea of substituting oil for a few tablespoons of the butter.

Amy said...

I feel the same about lemon curd;)

Virginia Taylors said...

Thank you for visiting my lemon week. It is like hearing from old friends and I LOVE it.
I still have lemon curd in the fridge-stop by and have some.