Monday, April 5, 2010

Peeps (an experiment)

I have heard from a good friend that peeps roast over an open fire much more quickly than ordinary marshmallows. Essential information for life, I think. This crucial information prompted our own kitchen experiment...could we make Easter tombs-recipe (Thanks Lois) using peeps?

Hypothesis: Peeps will be the same as marshmallows.

Directions: Wrap peep in crescent roll. Bake.

Conclusion: Peeps- SWEET! That being in overly sugary. Help sugar overload. Also, our tombs were more like a thin slot.


Lois B said...

How creative and scientific of you! I'm down with overly sweet, LOL!

Amber Walker said...

peeps are best left as peeps. I can say this as a big fan of peeps. Also, I don't care what anybody else says the Easter chicks or bunnies peeps taste better than any of the other holiday peeps.

Sinful Southern Sweets said...


Virginia Taylors said...

And that Lois is why we are friends!!
Amber-I will remember to give you peeps next year.