Friday, May 21, 2010

150 Best- Spaghetti with Tuna Sauce

I often find recipes that I want to make simply because they sound gross. So wild or ridiculous that I just have to find out what the buzz is about. I have found 2 of my favorite recipes this way: peanutty noodles and this one, spaghetti with tuna sauce. Now the reason I say gross to this particular recipe is because I am not a fan of fish..anchovies...or capers-all included.

Spaghetti with Tuna Sauce
source: The 150 Best American Recipes

  • 1 Tb salt
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 2 Tb pine nuts
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 3-4 anchovy fillets
  • 1 tea capers
  • 1 tea red pepper flakes
  • 28 oz diced tomatoes
  • 4 vine ripened tomatoes
  • 6-8 oz tuna (Italian in oil)
  • 1/4 golden raisens
  • 1 lb spaghetti
  • 1/4 chopped fresh parsley

  • Bring salted water to boil for noodles. Cook noodles while preparing the sauce.
  • Heat oil. Cook pinenuts until light brown
  • Add garlic, anchovies, capers, and red pepper flakes. Cook 2 minutes breaking everything up.
  • Add tomatoes and bring to boil. Simmer 30 minutes.
  • Add tuna and raisins. Heat and break up tuna.
  • Add cooked and drained pasta to sauce.
  • Add parsley and pepper to taste.


ButterYum said...

I can honestly say I've never tried this sauce combo before, but it sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing - it's going on my must try list!!


Virginia Taylors said...

Let me know what you think!