Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hospitality and Hot Dogs Southern Style

Do you ever wonder if you had a twin separated at birth?

A missing piece...a "twin less ness"? I never had but I have found my twin..obviously separated at birth!! We are the same in so many ways. How wild is it that we both have children the exact same age!! Both love food and photography. Love chick flicks and all night chat fests. It is because of my twin that my youngest had a crib and for that matter clothes! Generosity does not begin to describe my twin: possibly heaven sent?
She arrived with dinner the other day. My favorite of her recipes is her Dr. Pepper Chili! It arrived for our dinning pleasure.

Hot dog bun

Hot dog

Dr. Pepper Chili

smear with coleslaw

smear with coleslaw

top with cheese

We learned the joys of the southern style hot dog from JT's aunt from North Carolina. I now love my hot dogs this way all the time.


ButterYum said...

It has been a long time, but when I was young, I'd often wonder if I had a long lost twin out there somewhere.

Now let's talk chili. Will your wonderful "twin" allow you to post her chili recipe? I've never heard of Dr. Pepper Chili... I'm completely intrigued.


Virginia Taylors said...

Twin??? So will you...share your recipe for Dr. Pepper chili?

Red Rooster Quilts and Treasures said...

pray tell - Dr Pepper Chile?????? Would diet coke work instead?

Amber Walker said...

I'd love to try. Too bad Grace hates hotdogs!