Monday, May 31, 2010

Taylor Tracker Day 1

I had this crazy idea that while we traveled from Virginia to Arizona we could post where we were by what we ate. A foodie travel log if you will. It was Dominoes pizza tracker that gave me the idea. I love to see where my pizza is and follow it right to my door!

Now, being naive about traveling across the country with 6 humans, a cat, hedgehog, and our entire house in a truck with us I am thinking that I could post along our trip! Because when we arrive at the hotel I will be full of energy and life and wanting to spend time on the computer!

Day 1
Lunch in Knoxville TN at a diner called Litton's voted East Tennessee's Best Burgers and Award Winning Bakery...check out their dessert menu.
Sadly, they were closed for the holiday!! So we ate there anyway...just outside while charging my phone and downloading pictures.

There happened to be a beautiful park across the street so we went and feed the ducks.

Fun sites along the way:
I wish someone would have told me that I could have been baking all along the way!!!

Dinner in Jackson TN at a place called The Old County Store. What a riot!!! This was a sudden change because our planned place was so busy for the holiday that they ran out of food and closed early. This place was so fun. It had an enormous candy store, tee shirts to make you laugh, and aprons o'plenty. Thanks Char for the is a great place to visit.

Tables made from sewing machine stands!! Got to love this place.

Sample plate...round 1 at the buffet..Southern Food at its finest.
Collard Greens
Sweet Potatoes
Black Eyed Peas
Mac and Cheese
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Fried Apples
Cornbread with Cracklin

The Taylors sing for their supper..actually for a free banana split.

All in all a great adventures, beautiful scenery, great company, and only one negative...bleach on my favorite chef shirt (black)!
Don't you think that justifies a new fun cooking shirt????

I am holding my eyes open with toothpicks and am laying on my keyboard....
Goodnight Tennessee


Sonya said...

Have a safe and fun trip on your way to very sunny and warm Arizona :)The U.S. has the best roadside a new cooking shirt:)

janetsmom said...

Looking forward to hearing about day 2. Hugs!

Amber Walker said...

So I take it you weren't full of life and energy at the hotel?

Vicki said...

How fun this is! What a great idea!
I love that y'all are traveling with hedgehog. It's real, right? When we moved back to California from Iowa we had two chickens, a pigeon, two cats and two dogs. Plus two kids! I loved every minute. There's something so pioneer like moving across country with one's belongings and menagerie. Can't wait until your next installment! Vaya con dios

Virginia Taylors said...

Hedgie the Hedgehog is doing great and is a wonderful traveler...he being nocturnal sleeps through all the driving.
Captain Cat is a fantastic copilot for the Penski truck.
I would not say full of life would describe my state at the hotel yet...but I remain hopeful!