Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Taylor Tracker Day 2

Day 2
Before we left Virginia I wrote the following:
"I am most excited about this day! We are having the "Best pie" according to Southern Living. We are stopping at Charlotte's Eats and Sweets in Arkansas. They are known for their coconut cream pie..my favorite. I called ahead before we planned our trip..the trick here is that it is off our path by 30 minutes and the hours are from 11-2 ONLY. Tricky!"
The trickiest thing turned out to be getting there at ALL!!

I wanted to stop and take a picture of the family at each state...this will have to do because we are running late for PIE!!

Our day starts off as planned and everything is on course..continental breakfast at the hotel.

Waffles and fruit for some.

Biscuits and gravy for me!! I am still in Tennessee, am I not? My cell phone is not working so we stopped in at the Verizon store to see what was going on...an hour later we realized that we are not going to make the pie place...Have you seen a grown woman cry over pie? Well, be impressed because I didn't shed a tear although I was heartbroken.

While we traveled to our next state I was feeling dejected that things were not going smoothly..no pie and the air conditioning stopped working! Sweltering in the car, I saw this car speed by...WITHGOD. Well I though, with God all things are possible!!

Happy Day the OPEN sign is there!!! And we have 20 minutes before closing..

Wonderful and friendly people greeted us as we rushed in..looking like the cat had played with us and then dragged us in. Delightful little tables lined an old fashioned malt counter. Tea pots were everywhere...183 to be exact..MT counted everyone.
Hostess: We only have three slices of pie left
Myself: We want them all

Coconut cream, egg custard, and chocolate cream pie.

Main street KEO, Arkansas at 2 on a Tuesday.

Across the street from the cafe.

My lunch..KEO special. So wonderful. JT had the Charlotte's special and said it was the best thing ever. The bread was crusted in Parmesan cheese.

Charlotte herself came to say hello and thanks for stopping by from Virginia! (I was so excited that I forgot that I had no makeup on and that I had spent the last three hours in an oven on wheels!!!) It was a good thing I didn't have a pie cookbook, I would have embarrassed myself and asked her to sign it.

My wonderful pie...wish you could have all joined me. Which was my favorite..surprise!!! The German Chocolate Cake that my father in law had was the best thing I have ever had, far better than the pies although they were great. And to top it off he suggested we eat dessert first! And we did!!


janetsmom said...

I am so glad you made it to the pie place! What an adventure. I'm so sad your air conditioning isn't working. Hope your phone is working.

Amber Walker said...

It's just like the book "American Pie" but with kids, husband, father-in-law, cat, and hedgehog! Our air conditioning died in our car when we made the cross country trip 10 years ago, so I'm feeling for you all. Congrats on keeping your"cool" and I'm so glad you made the pie place in time. So cool you met the owner! Loving the Taylor tracker but missing you all so terribly!

Amy said...

I love tracking the Taylor's! Glad to see you are alive and well and, most importantly, enjoying pie.

Vicki said...

Hooray for the pie! All this food looks so darn good! Have you ever watched an old Bugs Bunny cartoon where Elmer Fudd calls out the pie order then Bugs Bunny goes through the diner swinging door, picks it up then smacks Elmer Fudd with it, over and over and over again? Or the old Laverne and Shirley sitcom episode where they were a waitress and short order cook in a diner? Laverne garbled the microphone with orders..."Betty, pick up pie...." To this day when we see a pie one of us will say "Betty.....pick up pie...."