Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Taylor Tracker Day 3

Day 3
We are in Oklahoma!!
Jiggs Smoke House...need I say more? Well, if so check out this review on Their summary: Worth traveling from anywhere!
Hard to find but well worth the effort but let me back up to the beginning....

breakfast at La Quinta...yum. The highlight for the kids-Pool and water spouting lion.

Right after breakfast in AK we arrive in OK!

I sure am drinking a "lotawatah" on this trip and this sign made me thirsty.

Virginia ave. in Texas?

A quick stop at the Cherokee Trading Post...which consisted of things made manly in Taiwan and China..very disappointing. And the very sad and lonely living buffalo that was in a cage on display. Sad, sad part of day..How is this a tribute to a once great nation?

All along our way! Beautiful.

Freshly made jerky.

The decor at Jiggs.

60 pounds of marinated beef.

Going into the closet smoker.

The best beans!! So good and flavorful.

BBQ beef sandwich with Jigg's sauce.

Pig sickle with three types of meat.

My lunch on my "plate"..a piece of paper towel and wax paper.

So which jerky would be better...Jigg's or...


Side by Side taste test..

Jigg's all the way!!!! So great.

And now we sleep in TEXAS!!


Vicki said...

Gotta love their motto "Over thirty years and still smokin"! Can't wait to see what's in store in Texas. One of my favorite bloggers, Big Mama, lives in Texas. She mentions something called chips and queso alot.

Sonya said...

YUM!!! that food looks amazing..I really miss beef jerky. I never realised how much until I saw your picture. I need to add that to my please send me list.

janetsmom said...

More then half way! The end is in sight. Love the tracker. Keep safe.

Coiner Family said...

I better not show this post to Josh, he might spontaneously combust with jealousy...

Virginia Taylors said...

You have to tell Big Mama to try Jiggs!

I didn't realize I loved jerky so much.

The end is in sight!!

Green with Envy!