Thursday, June 3, 2010

Taylor Tracker Day 4

Day 4
Breakfast in Texas
Lunch in Albuquerque, NM at the 66diner.
Dinner in Gallup, NM

Can you tell we are still in Texas?

This steak place was packed so we did not go..

Winning lunch was the kids frito pie with tutti frutti shake.

Just so Amber knows, we are only using clean restrooms along the way!!

Diner 66 is a tourist trap and worth the stop!! I loved it. Awesome Awesome Awesome. Love it Love it Love it.

I actually left the shop and then came back for could I leave with out getting diner pie? I got cherry. It was excellent.

My lunch was the 66 burger...the green chilies had mated with jalapenos!!

Awesome chocolate shakes. I was temped to get the Elvis (chocolate and banana)

Walking in Texas towards the Cadillac ranch. (oops this was before our diner lunch!)

Off in the distance you will see the Cadillacs.

This was an awesome stop!! We all had cans of spray paint and left our mark.

An unplanned could I pass by "world famous" fudge? My aunts is better...Gaye, I need a lesson in fudge.

Sleeping in New Mexico...sweet dreams.


faithy, the baker said...

Wow..the waffles look good! :) Love the shape of it!

Looks like your whole family having loads of fun! Enjoy!! :D And remember to be back with the baking mode on HCB! :)

Vicki said...

Oooh that tutti frutti shake looks amazing! What's in a tutti frutti shake? Love that you were prepared with cans of spray paint. I agree, leaving a diner without pie would be a cryin' shame. Besides, pie on the road are free calories. It's the rule of Route 66. Elvis made it law.

Vicki said...

Oh my gosh you won't believe the blog I found while looking for a pastina recipe. She has Cincinnati Chili on it, too! It is a fun blog like your's.

Amber Walker said...

Now I can have a peaceful nights sleep knowing you are using "family approved clean restrooms". Isn't "family" and "clean" an oxymoron?

Coiner Family said...

the highlight of my day:) Thanks for the updates! That waffle is hilarious, I'm not sure if there is a state that's more full of itself! That car graveyard is awesome! Glad you are having fun! Next stop AZ!

Mendy said...


Pretty cute. Such a nice family! :)

Lois B said...

The dinner looks so familiar. You could have been in Kingman, AZ.