Saturday, July 10, 2010

White Bread Challenge

I have found a fellow baker here in Kingman. Someone who makes bread from scratch, everyday! We decided to have a bread bake off....having guests and residents be the blind judges.

I made two batches of bread because I thought the first batch did not have enough flour. In the end that is the loaf I decided to use. I used King Arthur's classic white bread recipe.

Turned out looking great.

Here is our offering. Breads Left and Right. More judges liked the left contestant!!!! That would be my bread.

In a winning ceremony, I received the opponents bread slicer. He offered it to the winner and then said that he would never lose it. He later said I "slaughtered" him...hence our funny photo. What a fun thing to do!


ButterYum said...

Congratulations!! Actually, they both look really yummy!!


Virginia Taylors said...

I have missed you!!!!

Vicki said...

Mmmmm, now I'm hungry for homemade bread! I think I'll go make some.

btw, what is table butter?

Glad to see that you're busy and back in the kitchen.
Sure do miss you!

Vicki said...

Mmmmm, now I'm hungry for homemade bread.
They both look good.
btw, what is table butter?
miss you, glad that you're back in the kitchen having fun.

Coiner Family said...

Yay! how fun! Am I surprised you won? Not for a second:)

Vicki said...

What a gorgeous loaf of bread! Is the recipe on your site? I so wish I had the nerve to bake bread.

You have to try the HCB Mini Vanilla Bean Pound Cakes. Just use Raymond's suggestion of using the leftover pod to soak in the sugar syrup. Forget the cognac, doesn't need it. I have no idea what type vanilla bean I had. It's the best pound cake I've ever tasted.

Virginia Taylors said...

Table butter...that is what we call "tub" butter. Butter that comes in a tub that is strictly for toast.

mmmm I just love Vanilla pound cake.

Zippidy said...

Where is the white bread recipe.......did I miss it?