Friday, August 6, 2010

Peace, Love, and Carrot Cake

One of the very first things I do when entering a restaurant is check out the desserts. Instantly, I saw this mammoth piece of carrot cake. I adore carrot cake but find I can be picky about finding pineapple in my cake. I do not like that.
I feel that pineapple has other places to shine.

It is hard to tell just how huge this piece is. The frosting is made with cream cheese and walnuts.

The most wonderful thing about this dessert is the shirt that came with it! My brother has for years said, "Peace, Love, Happiness" when leaving our house. My husband sometimes chimes in at the end and completes the phrase. It is something I REALLY miss about brother coming over to visit and leaving us with warm fuzzy happy feelings.
How could I walk away from the shirt that states, "Piece, Love and Carrot Cake" not only does it remind me of my brother but it is so TRUE.



Vicki said...

Pineapple and carrot cake don't belong together. The best carrot cake I ever had was my late aunts-no pineapple and pecans instead of walnuts. No one can find the recipe!
The shirt is so clever.

Coiner Family said...

LOVE the shirt! Wow that looks good! I don't know though, my carrot cake is pretty rockin...even if there is pineapple in it...I pure it in the food processor so you don't get chunks, but it adds an interesting flavor and tenderness. Most people don't realize there is pineapple in it. But then again...MOST people make cakes from a box!