Monday, September 27, 2010

The Desert Welcomes...Cactus Jelly

Well, I have a confession. I have fallen deeply in love with something here. A deep passion that doesn't really make sense. It started with a fascination to look at these amazing plants. And then I just had to go over and take a closer look. And then I found myself engulfed in the cactus plant and taking a prickly pear. I had seen them in the grocery store and had wondered where they came from. Now I know.
Guess what else I know...they have prickers! There is a reason they are called "Prickly Pears".

Now, I knew to stay clear of those!! I mean look at those sharp beauties.

But the purple beauties called to me. I didn't even see the spines..but let me tell you..I felt them!

Wounded I took one home and hid it..sadly, not well enough. ST and CT found it and both went to bed in tears. And this is what we learned about cactus:

1. You won't always be able to see the spines
2. You can get the spines out of skin with duct tape!
3. Spines go through denim
4. If you hold your hand to the sun you can see all the invisible spines coming from your skin
5. Move over Mrs. Butterworth we all love Prickly Pear Jam


janetsmom said...

You are amazing! I will admit to missing the other header photograph but the prickly pear photo is stunning. Miss you!

Vicki said...

That was it! Prickly Pear Jam! Every time we go to the desert or anyone we know goes, we come home with Prickly Pear Jam! I just call it the pretty pink cactus jelly! It is gorgeous and so delicious.

Jen said...

Can you believe I thought of buying some while we were in AZ and I didn't. Now I'm really regretting it.

Virginia Taylors said...

You would love the cactus here!! Breathtaking.

I just smiled when I was posting this because I was thinking of you and the jam.

Come again and stock up!! Anytime, really.

HanaĆ¢ said...

Ouch! When we visited the Botanical Desert Garden in Scottsdale last year, we bought Cactus Jelly and Prickly Pear Jam. The fruit itself (the prickly pears) is delicious. Very juicy, and sweet!

Virginia Taylors said...

Apparently I can't read a calendar! I have it down that the first Tuesday is the 12th!! Next week. Don't give up on me..