Saturday, September 11, 2010

Flo Braker and Plumbing

Where to begin my saga of the chocolate cake?? I awaited with great anticipation for the arrival of my new cookbook, "Baking for all Occasions" by Flo Braker. As a new member of the Avid Bakers group I wanted to do something AMAZING!!! And the recipe for All-American Chocolate Cake with Divinity Frosting and Milk Chocolate Paint was just the recipe to propel me into greatness. That is how the story begins....
I received my cookbook with a week to make my first cake. Plenty of time!! As the days quickly passed I found myself running out of time to even glance at my new book let alone crack it open. I found myself in a world of plumbing. Water line after water line broke at the KOA this week. The largest required a professional plumber and backhoe. I have learned how to fix pipe, dig holes, write enormously huge checks, and make the people at Home Depot laugh at a grown woman. Sadly, I have not learned how to make divinity frosting.

After a 16 hour day I was determined to make my what if I was one day LATE. Better late than never, I always say. So, I go to my fridge and the sour cream practically grabs hold of me! I guess it will wait until after a shopping trip.
Well, tomorrow....another water line break finds me out at 11:30 at night crawling into bed, too tired to remove the mud off my body. Luckily, I have an amazing husband who wipes my knees off as I fell asleep.
So, a week later I make the chocolate cake...with my old stand by frosting, a half batch because I am out of powdered sugar! And here it is 11pm on a Saturday night - my cake, a glass of milk and my computer. MMMMM chocolate cake!

Recipe Review: The cake is wonderful. The cookbook is written just like I would write a cookbook. I love the layout of the recipe. I did wonder when I was suppose to add the chocolate..and found myself too tired to read the recipe for a third time to see where I missed the addition of chocolate.

My Old Stand-by Frosting Recipe
I have no idea where I got this recipe but have been using it for years

  • 1 stick melted butter
  • 2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
Whisk until smooth
  • 3 cup sifted confectioners sugar
  • 1/3 cup sour cream
Add alternatively, blending for 2 minutes
  • 1 tsp vanilla
Add and beat until light and fluffy

Makes 3 cups or enough for 30 cupcakes or a 2 layer cake


Beth said...

Poor you! I'm really impressed with your perseverance, and with your plumbing skills. Wow.

HanaĆ¢ said...

Oh Toni, that sounds horrible! I'm glad you got it all taken care of (or mostly anyway). Your cake turned out great. No matter what frosting you throw on it, it'll taste good! I love your choc frosting and will be trying it soon (I LOVE sour cream). Thanks for sharing the recipe, and welcome to ABC again!!! Great to have you!! I will update my blog tonight with a link to your post.

Vicki said...

Oh, my gosh! You are a trooper!
This chocolate cake is so good and your frosting sounds great. If you ever get time, you must try the divinity frosting. I never thought I could make it but let me say, pleasantly surprised. And the leftover frosting would be fantastic on hot chocolate, smores. Your girls would have a ball thinking up things to put it on.

At least the pipes were water and not natural gas like California. We're all on pins and needles now since they refuse to tell us how many more such pipelines run through towns.

Virginia Taylors said...

I can't wait to meet you!!

Thanks for getting back into the kitchen.

Thanks for not losing hope that I would once again return to the world of baking.You motivate me.

Virginia Taylors said...

That would be "Thanks for getting ME back into the kitchen!"

HanaĆ¢ said...

Toni, it's a pleasure having you in the group. And I have jotted down your frosting recipe and am just waiting for the opportunity to use it. Did I mention, I LOVE sour cream? :o)