Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easy Pie Crust and Pumpkin Pie- A Story of Passion

When I moved from Utah to Virginia, I boxed a lot of my belongings into boxes and then packed them away into a storage unit: not knowing they would be there for over 5 years. When I moved to Arizona, I was excited to open all of my boxes marked Cookbooks! There were many. I rediscovered old friends whom I had not seen and sadly had forgotten.

One such cookbook, All Recipes Cookbook, I got when I lived in Hanbury Manor in Logan, Utah. I was part of a dinner swap. I cooked dinner one night a week for three families and took two days off...and had a homemade dinner delivered to me!!! It was fantastic food and super fun. My friend Whitney and I found great recipes online and ended up buying the online hardback cookbook. This is the cookbook I am now rediscovering and LOVING.

I have been on a quest for quite some time. A pie crust journey. I found a pie crust in this cookbook that I really love! The recipe can be found at but I will add it here as well. Just look at those flakes! It was so tender and flaky and simple. Now it wasn't a thing of beauty or of exquisite taste but oh to have perfect texture. Tender yet able to hold up to a strong filling. And biting into something that just melts in your mouth and turns your lips that it happiness. Peace in a slice of pie...serenity now.

This pie has rejuvenated my love of baking...or maybe it is just the timing of turning over a new leaf and taking better control over the chaos that is my life.

Grandma's Secret Pie Crust- Felicia Bass

3 cups all-purpose flour
1 tea salt
1 1/4 cups shortening
1 egg, beaten
1 Tb white vinegar
1/4 cup water
smidgen of sugar-It doesn't call for it but I am going to add it next time.

Preheat oven 425 degrees. Mix dry ingredients. Whirl in food processor to mix. Add shortening and pulse a couple times. Mix egg, vinegar, and water together in measuring cup. Add to processor and pulse till combined.
Divide into two pieces and roll out. Put in pie plate. Bake 12 min.


Amber Walker said...

T, I can't wait to try it! I've never gotten along with pie crust. Maybe this will be a new turning point for me?

Lois B said...

I'm so glad to have found you again! What part of AZ are you in? I just moved from Tucson to Poland.

Vicki said...

Gorgeous! Pie crust vexes me. I'll have to try this version.

Red Rooster Quilts and Treasures said...

I must try it-- someday ! Xo

Sheri said...

Oh, that crust! It's absolutely beautiful! A foolproof fallback crust recipe is a good thing to have.