Monday, August 1, 2011

ABC Congo Brownies

I am a nut you know. Never getting nuts due to children with nut allergies, I thought I would attempt to split the pan of Congo brownies.
My advice: Don't do it!!!
Nuts or Not!!

I used Green and Black's chocolate..which I have decided is my favorite to bake with. It has a wonderful intense chocolate flavor. To bad this was my last bar from Virginia...and it was still great. Where will I get chocolate now??

I was ever so careful with the two halves. Going so far as really making the pan into thirds-the nuts, no nuts, and the middle section which may have been contaminated by nuts.

In the end, my middle child was having a meal of Benydryl and getting free Botax looks with balloon lips after eating what I thought was a nut free brownie. They got all mixed up on the plate!!! Luckily, she knows the moment a nut touches her tongue and spat it out!!
In the end, I am an all or nothing nut person!! No risks for the love of a nut....

These brownies were sublime!! Rich and super flavorful, fantastic to look at. This cookbook, Baking for All Occasions, is full of winners! Here is yet another.

Post Script: As with all fish tales and some baking tales the events in this tale are true but may have been exaggerated for flare. No children were injured or even hospitalized for the making of these baked goods.

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HanaĆ¢ said...

I'm glad your child is OK. Although I have nut allergies, I'm OK with eating almonds (which is a blessing cuz I love 'em). So that's what I subbed in this recipe. Your bars look fantastic. Love the chocolate drizzle on top. And I'm glad you're enjoying baking from Flo's book :o)