Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tupelo Honey Cafe Chicken Review

From this cookbook, I have made: Coconut Sweet Potato Bisque, Cremini sweet onion gravy, smashed sweet potatoes, Appalachian ChowChow, Reubens, Grateful Dead Black Bean Burgers, Cilanto lime dressing, and Southern Fried Chicken.
Everything has been AMAZING.

I made a Demi-Glace that I keep in the freezer. When I need it I have it. I have used it in gravy and on pasta.

This is a photo of the fried chicken which was fantastic. We had a new couple over for dinner and they loved it too.

These are the fresh wonderful ingredients for the Grateful Dead Burgers.

They were good..not my favorite but I am a meat lover. The Cilanto Lime Mayo was delish.

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