Friday, September 9, 2011

Tupelo Honey Cafe Reuben Review

Imagine the seen: I am ecstatic to get my new cookbooks. I take this new one with me to the girls gymnastic lesson so that I can skim through it. I am sitting on the hard concrete floor because there are no seats for parents who like to stay and support their children. I occasionally look up to watch the girls and read while the other class mates take their turns. It is perfect!!
And I am really enjoying my book! The stories, the recipes, the ingredients!! I am telling you this book is GOOD! Then, I feel like someone is staring at eyes boring into my skin. Sure enough I look up and see this lady staring from the one seat in the gym at me. I just smiled and went back to my book.
"Are you reading" she asks with a disgusted tone.
"Yes!" I said excitedly
She glared, rolled eyes, and shook her head.
Lucky, for me that was the end of the conversation because I didn't want to have to chit chat and miss out on my chance to read!!!
I don't know if I can rave enough about how great my new cookbook is!!!

I purchased this after reading great reviews and after feeling very homesick for Virginia. This restaurant is in one of my favorite cities, Ashville. Joel and I went to Ashville and visited the Biltmore. We went on a spur of the moment family adventure with the whole fam...that included Ashville, Pigeon Forge, the Smoky Mountains, and lots of fun family memories (like touring the 25o room chateau while 9 months pregnant!!)
I want to make almost every recipe in the book. I started with a peach butter spread that was excellent, yesterday for lunch I made the Reuben, and tomorrow I am going to make the coconut sweet potatoe bisque!!!

The Reuben has homemade thousand island dressing and a "Traditional Appalachian Chow Chow". The Chow Chow goes in between the slices of corned beef to be heated.

Layered on rye bread: dressing, corned beef, chow chow, and I used Havarti because I am not a fan of Swiss.

Grilled to perfection!!
Joel and I just sat and stared at each other when we bit into these. Mouthwatering doesn't begin to explain how wonderful they were. Joel said it was even better than his favorite sandwich at Macado's.
This cookbook is a must have for your kitchen!!
Tupelo Honey Cafe - check it out


cwojtera said...

Hey Virginia T. ;) Also a big hello to JT, and the girls. I loved your post for several reasons. I love reading cookbooks. It's my favorite genre. Also, just a year ago last weekend (Labor Day) we were in Asheville celebrating our first empty nest weekend. We went to the Tupelo Honey Cafe for pancakes. Oh my! As they say on their menu, "Shew mercy!" That is surely how you feel after trying to eat their ample portions. Now I say 'Shew, mercy!" when the occasion suits, because it is a wonderful phrase!

Virginia Taylors said...

Shew mercy!!! I love it. And let me tell you that is what I said after our dinner tonight. Another recipe from this book..Southern Fried Chicken with a mushroom and onion gravy with smashed sweet potatoes. Then key lime pie for dessert! If you love reading cookbooks...this needs to be on your Christmas wish list.
I love hearing from you, oh great pizza goddess ;)