Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ABC Frangipane Ripple Chocolate Pound Cake

The mystery of the Frangipane. How is it that I could put something near the bottom and have it sink to the top??

I put most of the batter on the bottom (soon to be top).

I then added my almond mixture.

I spread it nicely out and made it flat.

I covered with almost the remaining batter thus creating a large layer of batter between the two white almond layers.

I added the last thin layer of almonds with my fingers because it was easier than using the spatula.

I covered it with a small amount of batter. So that my last layer or bottom layer would be small.

I got this amazing smelling and wonderful looking cake outside!

Inside...couldn't even distinguish the two layers and the layers were not near the bottom but had sunk to the top.

Why is that????

Very Perplexing.


Where's the ripple?

I can't wait to see how the other bakers fair.


lola said...

Virginia, Thanks for visiting my post. Yes, it was disappointing and a mystery how the frangipane melted away. I can't believe how perfect Monica's cake is - but then she always succeeds. I am glad to meet you. I see that you are a quilter - so am I.

Virginia Taylors said...

I am a quilter! In fact, there is a route 66 quilt show in town this week. I am so excited.