Tuesday, February 28, 2012

150 Best- Roasted Mushroom and Leek Soup

I just found some old pictures in my cookbook of coach Linnenburg's dog and my young family in Radford, VA. I like to stick pictures from the kids in my cookbooks, they make me smile when I find them. This picture fell out of my 150 Best Recipes, which is one of my all time favorite cookbooks.
This recipe is a bold soup! How could I love something so much and never make it again??
(that is not a rhetorical question)

Finding all different kinds of mushrooms was really exciting..since I had only used (shhh-don't tell) canned mushrooms.

I didn't realize mushrooms could be so big!!

I brushed them all off..and was careful not do get them wet. I read once that you should not submerge mushrooms.

I roasted all veggies and then pureed them into this wonderful tasting soup. The bacon curls made it for me...I LOVE bacon!!

Roasted Mushroom-Leek Soup
150 Best American Recipes

wash and chop all veggies-removing all stems

8 oz button mushrooms
6 oz cremini mushrooms
8 oz portobello mushrooms
3 1/2 shiitake mushrooms
3 leeks, white only
1 large vidalia onion

Add to veggies and roast 45 min, stirring 1-2 times during cooking. Pour into bowl.

1 1/2 TB chopped fresh thyme (or 1/2 dried)
3 TB olive oil
Salt and Pepper

Deglaze pan with:

1/4 cup white wine
5 cups broth, chicken or veggie

Blenderize veggies and broth mixture and add:

1/4 cup heavy cream

Top with bacon or pancetta

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Lois B said...

To respond to your non-rhetorical comment, I might love something, but if my daughters didn't, we usually didn't make it again. We rediscovering a lot of things now that we're empty nesters.