Friday, June 1, 2012

ABC Weekend Baker Brioche

 In the mist of a move to another state, I am making brioche. I started to think about why I blog also. You know...because I don't have enough going on with a major family move and lifestyle change.

When I started to blog, food blogs were few and far between. Food photography...what was that? Now there are books about the subject.

I think I liked doing something that was cutting edge and new. Now that the web is overflowing with AMAZING food blogs, I wonder why I still do it.

It isn't because my blog is anything spectacular. But it is mine and gives me a feeling of accomplishment and organization in my baking. It is my cookbook and journal all in one. And the bonus is that I have made great friends, keep in touch with old friends, and remain social with fellow bakers.

Here is what I learned making Brioche this weekend:

1.  How to Clean an Oven Rack:
Lay your racks on a towel in the tub
Pour baking soda on your racks
Pour a 1/2 gallon of vinegar on the racks
Let it bubble and fizz
After it stops fizzing-add water to tub and soak
Scrub until looks like new

Why besides the move would I have to clean the oven? You just can't bake brioche in a dirty oven.

2.  Be patient
I way heated my milk because I was in a hurry...and had to wait until it cooled to 120 degrees. So I cleaned the kitchen while waiting.

3. Bread making is perfect for multitasking
Not only could I clean but I could pack also while making the bread!

4. Have Faith
Adding the eggs made an ugly mess. I was need for negative worry time!

4. Real Butter Rocks!!
Adding butter to an already rich dough took this to an entire different level. Butter makes everything better.

5. One piece at a time
Adding the butter one piece at a time was great. Take time to slow down and enjoy life. Our move has been one step at a time. First the girls school, then the house, and then the job. It all comes together.

6. MMM Dough. I LOVE IT
Once when I was younger, I saw a 911 show about a person who ate so much bread dough that his stomach was exploding. I have had a terror of eating raw dough ever since! But, this dough was so tempting and soft. I had to sample, a little. I am still alive!!

7. Braiding is easier with hair

8. I love bread

9. I love a clean oven
Isn't it amazing what a clean house can give you: peace of mind and inner joy.

10. The smell of fresh bread...nothing better

11. Number 10 is so bogus. 
The best thing is eating fresh bread!! This bread is spectacular. The flavor is wonderful and the texture amazing. The kids have all but devoured the entire loaf in 1 day. I thought I had over cooked the loaf because the bottom was a tad over browned. After some time in a bread bag, it was excellent. Can't wait to see what my fellow ABC bakers came up with this month.
And if you get a chance check out the author of this years cookbook, The Weekend Baker, Abby Dodge's Web Site.


Baking Soda said...

Ugh! You just reminded me ... that I need to do that..
(bake the brioche AND clean my oven racks not necessarily in that order)

Another way of cleaning is where you use ammonia and soft soap (scroll to the bottom for English) easy peasy less elbow greasy!

Almost forgot: great great brioche!!

Hanaâ said...

Wow, wow, wow! You bake such a gorgeous loaf while you're in the middle of a move. Simply amazing! It looks beautiful and so soft inside.

And thanks for sharing that tip about how to clean oven racks. I think mine are due!!

Lois B said...

I'm glad you keep blogging because I love reading your posts. I still remember you mentioning that your mom's baking powder had expired. It motivated me to check mine and it was expired too! :). The little packets of Polish baking powder are so small that I dint have to worry about expiration anymore, just running out.

Your bread looks fantastic! We just cut into ours and I'm hoping we'll have some left for French toast in the morning.

Where are you off to? Keep us posted!

kitchen flavours said...

Thanks for the great tips on cleaning the oven rack! It's about time I clean mine!
Your braided brioche looks wonderful, so neatly braided and with beautiful crust colour! Another keeper recipe from Abby!
Have a lovely day!

hanseata said...

Virginia, I love reading your funny posts.
And you are absolutely right: real butter rocks.
Thanks for the cleaning tip (I hate cleaning those racks), and good luck with your move.

Chelly said...

That is one beautiful loaf!

Virginia Taylors said...

Thanks friends!! We are finally here and connected again to the world...a week without internet was really hard!

Lien said...

How brave to move and bake at the same time! I can totally relate to the q&a about why we still blog, I wondert that myself too.
Love your loaf, golden and fluffy!

Janis said...

Your loaf turned out beautiful Virginia! The braid looks so professional-looking. I'm definitely trying out your solution for cleaning the oven! Mine looks horrible now LOL

Janis said...

Your loaf turned out beautiful Virginia! The braid looks so professional-looking. I'm definitely trying out your solution for cleaning the oven! Mine looks horrible now LOL

Joy said...

Toni my dear,

I just got finished reading your email, and hearing from you absolutely made my day... I'll respond fully very soon.

I'm so proud of you that you survived such a hectic move and not only still baked this month's ABC recipe, but even made sure your oven was crystal clean too! Your braid looked so beautiful sitting in the pristine oven. The finished loaf appeared truly delectable. Two questions though- what kind of mixer is that in the picture and what is a bread bag? I've put a loaf in a regular large ziploc bag, so the residual steam softened the crust, but I'm not sure what a specific bread bag is. Just curious!

A great first recipe to break in the new oven! Fabulous job, as always!

Talk soon,

Baking Soda said...

Hi Virginia!

Yes I quilt (although I'm a real beginner and not very good I do love playing with colors and fabric)
The only difficulty is that now I have to juggle time with baking, quilting, sewing, and oh yeah a family and a parttime job LOL
Have you shown any of your quilting on your blog? Just curious.

Zoe said...

This recipe rocks! Glad that being patient does pay well in this case. Your bread is beautiful!

Nice to know you thru ABC and blogging and love to be back for more... Here I am being your latest follower :D

Virginia Taylors said...

love your devotion to your kids!! Welcome..I am so excited to be baking friends.

Baking Soda,
I am working on a new quilt! Pics to come.