Thursday, June 28, 2012

ABC Weekend Baker Classic Fruit Tart

 Our new area has a quaint corner fruit market. I eyed this market when we drove into town and dreamed of going here for this recipe. Always a great time to visit local produce: especially when the kids can play in the mist!! The temp outside was 101 degrees.

 I also am using a gift from my friend, Jen. It does not have a removable bottom like the recipe calls for but it is the only tart pan I have. Isn't it lovely?

The recipe for this month Avid Baker's Challenge is Classic Fruit Tart from the Weekend Baker by Abbey Dodge.

 The dough was beautiful. I made the filling while the crust rested in the fridge.

 The filling was not looking like it should but I continued on...and tried really hard to get the lumps out. I would have pressed it through a mesh strainer but I haven't found that in my unpacking!

 Urgh...the dough!! A nightmare to work with.


 Making me quite first tart is failing. Drat!!

 The recipe says you can piece and pinch. So that is what I did. The crust is so TASTY.

 The crust baked up nicely and smelled wonderful.

 The filling was not smooth and reminded me of my salt clay recipe. It has lots of flour in it. It was not my favorite taste. I would like to try a pasty cream recipe for eclairs in its place.

 And since Independence Day is around the corner!! I used strawberries and blueberries.

The tart dough was a nightmare to work with but taste was worth every angry word I said under my breath. The crust was so flaky! The fruit was wonderful.

I will try a different recipe next time because I do love tart..especially a summer tart with berries. But, I do prefer a recipe that doesn't turn my hair grey and doesn't remind me of salt clay.

Hopefully, my fellow bakers had a better go of this recipe.


Virginia Taylors said...

Janis uses an apricot glaze..1/8 cup apricot jam with 1 Tb water heated till smooth and then brushed on. Brilliant women!

Lien said...

Love your flag-decoration!! I roll out my dough on baking parchment, then lift the whole thing up and turn it into the pie pan. Peel of the paper and tug the dough in... it helps me, maybe it'll do the same for you. Your tart looks perfect in the end though!!!

Baking Soda said...

Oomph! Now you got me scared! Will try will try! (First have to recover from the 16th birthday party my sons had yesterday)
All in all your tart looks so very yummy! (Fun and appropriate celebratory as well, great job on teh decoration)

Hanaâ said...

In the end, it sure looks lovely, Toni!! I love your decoration!!! :o) You reminded me of the issue I had with the pastry cream. What I did (from previous pastry cream making experience) is add a little of the cold milk from the recipe to the egg/sugar mixture, whisk it together until smooth, and then add the hot milk to it. It was my first time making pastry cream with flour (other recipes I've made call for corn starch) and I think I like it better with flour. The other thing I always do (whether the recipe calls for it or not), is after you're done cooking the custard, to strain it through a fine mesh strainer. I hope that helps for your next tart making project!
Happy 4th of July!!! :o)

Virginia Taylors said...

Baking Soda,
Don't be afraid!! You are a master. Yours will turn out great.

Hanna and Lien,
Thanks for the helpful hints. I will try those.

Becca said...

That is a very pretty tart plate :) It looks wonderful and the flag decoration is perfect for the 4th! Great job!

Janis said...

Your tart looks so cute Toni! I love the flag decor. Too bad you didn't enjoy the pastry cream so much..I think Hanaa and Lien gave really helpful tips! By the way, that pie plate is really pretty!

Virginia Taylors said...

Becca and Janis,
Thanks for coming on over!! The friend who gave the tart pan to me is one of the nicest people on the planet..I just had to show it off.

Chelly said...

Grrrr....I just struggled with the crust. I see what you mean! Very difficult to work with and it does remind you of salt clay! LOL! But in the end, your tart looks great! I am not quite finished with mine....I hope it turns out as well.

hanseata said...

It's so comforting to see that others had the same issues with the tart dough. Too delicate and brittle to roll it out to the desired size, no way to roll it over the roller pin, etc.
But all's well that ends well, your tart is beautiful, and I was happy with mine, too.

Zoe said...

You are so clever arranging your fruits to form a US flag. Happy 4th July!

Alice said...

your post is so funny i laughed all the way :P
but yes, i agree with u, the dough is really such a pain, but it's really worth it :)
i did press down on the pan too, it's just impossible to roll the dough!
anyhow, your tart looks pretty to me :)
nice knowing u from ABC

kitchen flavours said...

Your tart looks lovely and the cream looks delicious! And I like your pretty tart pan!