Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pancake Tuesday BoP Challenge

In my simple mind I think that the BoP (Back of Package) recipes would be excellent. You want the best recipe so that consumers will buy your product. I always like to test out the back of package recipes. I have very high expectations.
I had a bad attitude going into this recipe because I have already found what I consider to be the best pancake recipes out there!
Imagine my surprise when this was pretty good. In fact my kids loved it! I do love how easy it was. I also love Greek yogurt.


Kara said...

Your food blog is gorgeous! I'm so glad you shared the link (even if I am embarrassingly slow in commenting...) And with lots of Greek Yogurt in the fridge, I now know what to fix for dinner. :) (Any meal is a great excuse for breakfast at our place.)

Our family is headed upstate on vacation next week, but I'll e-mail you when we get back and perhaps we can find a good time to link our families. The Lake Mead hike looks absolutely gorgeous!

Happy hiking and happy baking,
--Your Park Friend :)

Virginia Taylors said...

After we both return we will have some fun times!!! Safe Travels Kara.