Monday, April 24, 2017

Frango (like) Mints

Candy seems to be my nemesis. When we first got married I tried making caramel and it broke the glass container it was in when we tried to remove it. Since then I have had a fear of candy making. I continue to try of course. This recipe is one that I can successfully make. I have had the recipe since around 1996.
I was in a group of recipe sharing ladies who would meet once a month and share recipes and the fruits thereof. We could sample and know if we would like to take the recipe. It was so great. I was in the presence of amazing cooks. Most of which I have lost touch with over the year. This is a great sadness and regret of mine.
Ladies would come and go but there was a core 4-5 of us that stayed for years! This recipe came from a 1 timer..didn't even write the name on my old 3 X 5 card. She said the mints came from a famous Frango mint take off. She was mind blown when none of us had heard of Frango Mints. If they are like this recipe they must be really good.

Homemade Chocolate Mints

2 cup semisweet chocolate chips
1 cube margarine (I used butter once and it was a disaster)
1 cup plus 2 T powdered sugar (or more as needed)
2 eggs well beaten
1 tea vanilla
2 tea peppermint extract ( I accidentally used "mint" one year and it was like toothpaste-yuck)

Melt chocolate chips over low heat. Cool. In large bowl cream margarine and sugar. Add beaten eggs and vanilla. Mix well. Mix in cooled chocolate and finally peppermint extract. Drop by teaspoonful on wax paper covered cookie sheet. Chill. (can use almond, run, or coffee instead of mint)

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