Sunday, October 10, 2010

Orange Chiffon Tweed Cake-The Back Side

How can you go wrong with all these wonderful ingredients..oranges, sugar, chocolate!! Well, let me tell you how...
This recipe is wonderful. I was excited to make it because I have had success with a tweed cake in the past. While the cake cooks my house smelled a fantastic, really indescribable smell. My mouth was watering before it even came out. mmm freshly made orange sugar....delectable.
I was lucky enough to have full flavor juicy oranges. I also used my food processor more than the recipe suggested. I wanted to get all the tasty oranges bits so I whirled the dry ingredients in the processor and chopped my chocolate in there as well.
Again...the smell while making this cake was marvelous.
The description of steps for this recipe are excellent. Flo Braker is an excellent cookbook writer. Very clear to follow. I haven't made many of the recipes far I like Baking for All Occasions
Folding in the egg whites..I was nervous about over-mixing, so I think I ended up under-mixing because when I cut the cake I had egg white pockets.
In addition to under-mixing, add over cooking and you have a cake that pops out of the pan..and does not sit on the bottle I had placed out for the cake to cool. My dilemma then became to let it cool in the pan right side up or to let it cool upside down on a rack and get rack marks...what to do?
I opted after a suggestion from a fellow baker, Barb, to leave it on the rack and cover up that side when serving it.
It isn't often you get to see the back side of a cake!!!
The reviews...
  • Great flavor
  • Dry--my fault for over cooking it..and then falling asleep before putting it away, where it sat out all night long during my slumber.
  • Fun to make
  • The whipped cream added a wonderful contrast. I had wanted to add my remaining orange sugar to the whipped cream..but the desert air turned it to stone. That never happens in VA!! Mental note: Must never leave sugar out overnight in Kingman.


HanaĆ¢ said...

Beautiful! Look at that height. If you hadn't said anything in the post, you could never tell you had any issues with the cake. It looks great. Love your addition of whipped cream with it. It's definitely on the repeat list over here. Just waiting for the right occasion :o)

HanaĆ¢ said...

Oh, and I've updated my blog post to link to this post directly :o)

Vicki said...

It looks marvelous! Nice and high. I absolutely agree with you on folding in egg whites. How much is enough or not enough? So hard to tell. I made the sauce into ice cream and it was fantastic. I didn't even get out the machine. Just froze and stirred periodically in a 9x13.